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GK Model Test Paper-2

General Knowledge Objective Questions

1 A person returning from abroad can retain foreign currency up to what period?

2 A plant with compound leaves

3 A proclamation of emergency issued under Article 352 must be approved by the Parliament within:

4 A real gas can act as an ideal gas in

5 A region of weak winds is called?

6 A resolution for impeaching the President can be moved after at least fourteen days notice signed by :

7 A resolution for the revocation of proclamation of National Emergency may be moved by:

8 A rift valley is formed mainly due to:

9 A rolling plan was a plan for:

10 A Scheduled Bank is one which is included in the:

11 A solid cannot change its shape easily compared to liquid because of

12 A solution of zinc chloride cannot be stored in a vessel made of?

13 A steady increase in the general level of prices as a result of excessive increase in aggregate demand as compared to aggregate supply is termed as :

14 A substance which changes readily into vapour without heating is called:

15 A super conductor is characterised by:

16 A very rapid growth in prices in which money loses its value to the point where even barter may be preferable is known as:

17 A woman who rents her womb to produce a child for others is known as

18 Absolute Poverty means:

19 According to Article 1 of the Constitution of India,

20 According to Article 23, the following are prohibited:

21 According to Dalton�s atomic theory the smallest particle which can exist independently is:

22 According to Preamble, the ultimate power lies in the hands of ?

23 According to special theory of relativity the mass of a particle

24 According to the law of demand, when Price?

25 According to the most widely accepted view, the Aryans originally came from

26 Acetic acid on decarboxylation gives

27 Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmosphere by ?

28 Acts of State done in the name of the President of India are required to be countersigned by way of authentication by:

29 Ad Valorem means:

30 Aerated water contains

31 After approval by both Houses of Parliament, the proclamation of emergency issued by the President shall be valid:

32 After declaration of financial emergency by the President, what is the period of operation without approval by the Parliament?

33 After Quit India Movement, C Rajagopalachari issued a pamphlet entitled - The Way Out. Which one of the following was a proposal in this pamphlet?

34 After textile, the second largest industry of India is?

35 After the Kalinga War, Ashoka decided never to wage any war because?

36 After the partition of India, the largest number of Harappan towns and settlements have been found in:

37 Age of fossil may be found out by determining the ratio of two isotopes of carbon. The isotopes are?

38 AIDS is caused by?

39 Air is a/an:

40 Air is said to be saturated when

41 Alcohol prepared by the distillation of wood is ?

42 Alexander stayed in India for

43 Alexander the great, was obliged to go back because:

44 Ali brothers are related to which of the following?

45 All the ecosystems taken together in a geographical area form a bigger unit called ?

46 All vital atmospheric process leading to various climatic and weather conditions take place in the

47 Alzheimer's disease in human beings is characterised by the degeneration of?

48 Among terrestrial (land) animals, which animal has the longest gestation period ?

49 Among the following areas, the widest continental shelf of India is found:

50 Among the following cities, which one is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer?