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50 Objective Questions and Answers on General Knowledge

Questions related to General Knowledge are an indispensable part of every competitive examinations conducted by SSC, UPSC, PSC, LIC, GIC, Railways, IBPS, etc. The main objective of these questions is to test the candidate's knowledge in Traditional General Knowledge, Indian Constitution, Geography, Indian Polity, General Science, Sports, Current Affairs, etc. For this purpose we have provided study materials related to General Knowledge covering all the important topics in the TO THE POINT section. Candidates may visit this link General Knowledge to enhance their knowledge in this area.

GK Model Test Paper-1

General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

1) A tree's age can be found by?
A) counting the number of annual rings
B) counting the number of branches
C) measuring its height
D) measuring its girth

2) Acute lead poisoning is also known as?
A) Plumbism
B) Neuralgia
C) Itai-itai
D) Byssinosis

3) Idukki Dam in Kerala is built across which river ?
A) Kaveri
B) Pamba
C) Godavari
D) Periyar

4) In 1206, who founded the Slave Dynasty, in India ?
A) Iltutmish
B) Razia Sultan
C) Qutubuddin Aibak
D) Balban

5) In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler defeated Alexander's general Seleucus Nicator and received the territories of Kabul and Balochistan?
A) Bindusara
B) Chandragupta Maurya
C) Ashoka
D) Pulkeshin II

6) In terms of area, which is the smallest continent ?
A) South America
B) Asia
C) Australia
D) Europe

7) In the Parliament of India Upper House is known as ?
A) Council of States
B) Rajya Sabha
C) Lok Sabha
D) Parliament

8) The observation that 'Supply creates its own demand' is popularly called?
A) Say's Law
B) Greham's Law
C) Murphy's Law
D) Newton's Law

9) 'Uhuru Peak' at Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point of which continent ?
A) Antarctica
B) Africa
C) America
D) North Australia

10) Under what circumstances can some of the Fundamental Rights be suspended?
A) When a proclamation of National Emergency is in operation
B) On the orders of a Court
C) During financial emergency
D) When President's rule is imposed

11) What was the main objective of Green Revolution in India ?
A) To increase the extent of cash crop cultivation
B) To increase the area of green forests under social forestry scheme
C) Modernisation of agriculture through science and technology
D) To introduce the Japanese method of paddy cultivation

12) Which is correct? I. The President shall not be member of either House of Parliament, II. The Parliament shall consist of the President and two Houses.
A) Both I and II
B) Neither I nor II
C) I alone
D) II alone

13) Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?
A) Cold water
B) Saline water
C) Distilled water
D) Warm water

14) Who of the following founded the Ahmedabad Textile labour Association?
A) Mahatma Gandhi
B) J. B. Kripalani
C) N. M. Joshi
D) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

15) (1) Cherrapunji is located on the south side of Garo hills, (2) Cherrapunji is about 1700 m above mean sea level. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
A) 1 only
B) 2 only
C) Both 1 and 2
D) Neither 1 nor 2

16) ________ was the ex-officio chairman of Planning Commission and National Development Council.
A) Prime Minister
B) President
C) Finance Minister
D) Commerce Minister

17) _______ forms the western boundary of the Indian sub-continent.
A) Aravalli
B) Pirpanjal
C) Karakoram
D) Hindukush

18) ____________ Harbour is protected by a rocky headland called Dolphin's Nose.
A) Visakhapatnam
B) Paradeep
C) Kolkata
D) Cochin

19) 70% of working population of India is engaged in:
A) public sector
B) primary sector
C) secondary sector
D) tertiary sector

20) 82 and 1/2 degree E longitude is geographically significant to India because
A) It determines the Indian standard time
B) It has a bearing on the tropical climate of India
C) It divides India into eastern and western zone
D) It enables determining local time in eastern India

21) 93rd Constitution Amendment Bill seeks?
A) to make army service mandatory
B) to grant statehood to Uttaranchal
C) to make elementary education compulsory
D) None of these.

22) A balloon filled with helium rises in air because?
A) Air exerts an upward force on the balloon
B) The balloon is weightless
C) Helium is less dense than air
D) Helium pushes down on the air below the balloon

23) A bill for alteration of boundaries of States shall not be introduced in the Parliament without the recommendation?
A) The President
B) the Supreme Court
C) the legislatures of the States concerned
D) the presiding officers of both houses of parliament

24) A bill in each House is subject to?
A) one reading
B) two readings
C) three readings
D) four readings

25) A body has a mass of 6 kg on the Earth
A) when measured on the Moon, its mass would be?
B) less than 6 kg
C) 6 kg
D) less than 1 kg

26) A body is charged negatively. It implies that?
A) it has acquired some electrons from outside
B) it has lost some of its electrons
C) it has lost some of its protons
D) None of these

27) A chemical reaction that takes place with the evolution of heat is called a/an:
A) Reversible reaction
B) Endothermic reaction
C) Thermal reaction
D) Exothermic reaction

28) A chronometer measures:
A) Sound waves
B) Time
C) Water waves
D) Colour contrast

29) A close bottle containing water at room temperature is taken to the Moon and than the lid is opened. The water will?
A) freeze
B) boil
C) decompose into oxygen and hydrogen
D) not change at all

30) A closed economy is an economy in which:
A) the money supply is fully controlled
B) deficit financing takes place
C) only exports take place
D) neither exports nor imports take place

31) A compound used in medicine as a pain killer is
A) Urotropine
B) Chloroform
C) Aspirin
D) Ethyl alcohol

32) A country is said to be in a debt trap if:
A) it has to abide by the conditionalities imposed by the International Monetary Fund
B) it has to borrow to make interest payments on outstanding loans
C) it has been refused loans or aid by creditors abroad
D) the World Bank charges a very high rate of interest on outstanding as well as new loans

33) A devastating Cloud Burst swept over Leh in August 2010. Which one of the following statements with regard to Cloud Burst is not correct?
A) Cloud Burst is a localised weather phenomenon representing highly concentrated rainfall over a small
B) Cloud Burst occurs only in hilly areas
C) Cloud Burst occurs due to upward movement of moistureladen air with sufficient rapidity to form cumu
D) There is no satisfactory technique till now for predicting Cloud Burst

34) A double convex air bubble in water would behave as a:
A) Convergent lens
B) Divergent lens
C) Both as convergent and divergent lenses
D) None of these

35) A federal structure of India was first put forward by the?
A) Act of 1909
B) Act of 1919
C) Act of 1935
D) Act of 1947

36) A federal system?
A) must have a written costitution.
B) must have an unwritten constitution.
C) may not have any constitution.
D) may have either written or unwritten constitution

37) A gifted scholar who was selected to the prestigious ICS, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose later founded his own political party to continue his struggle for the full and immediate independence of India from British rule. Pick the name of this party.
A) All India Forward Bloc
B) Swaraj Party
C) Indian National Congress
D) Gadar Party

38) A good method of providing employment to rural labor and utilizing it fully is through?
A) Rural industries
B) Agriculture
C) Public works programmes
D) Cattle rearing

39) A government is federal or unitary on the basis of relations between the:
A) three organs of government
B) Centre and States
C) Legislature and the Executive
D) Constitution and the States

40) A hammer in the hands of a housewife is a _________ good.
A) capital
B) free
C) intermediary
D) consumer

41) A high rate of inflation tends to worsen balance of payments because:
A) prices of imported goods rise
B) prices of exported goods rise making exports less competitive
C) prices of imported goods fall and hence more is imported
D) prices of exported goods fall and hence less amount is obtained in terms of foreign exchange

42) A light ray travelling from denser to rarer medium at an angle of incidence more than critical angle of concerned media pair suffers
A) refraction
B) diffraction
C) total internal reflection
D) reflection

43) A lot of details regarding the village administration under the Cholas is provided in the inscriptions at?
A) Uttaramerur
B) Kanchipuram
C) Thanjavur
D) Uraiyur

44) A mixture of iron filings and sand can be separated by:
A) Heating
B) Sublimation
C) Hand picking
D) Magnetic Separation

45) A mixture of water and alcohol can be separated by:
A) Filtration
B) Evaporation
C) Distillation
D) Decantation

46) A Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha is deemed to have been passed by the Rajya Sabha also when no action is taken by the Rajya Sabha within
A) 10 days
B) 14 days
C) 20 days
D) 30 days

47) A Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha is deemed to have been passed by the Rajya Sabha also when no action is taken by the Upper House within?
A) 10 days
B) 12 days
C) 14 days
D) 16 days

48) A non-performing asset is
A) Money at call and short notice
B) Cash balance with the bank
C) Cash balance with the RBI
D) An asset that ceases to generate income

49) A person can become a citizen of India even if born outside India if his/her:
A) father is a citizen of India
B) mother is a citizen of India
C) father is a citizen of India at the time of the person's birth
D) father or mother is a citizen of India at the time of the person's birth

50) A person can move the Supreme Court by appropriate proceedings for the enforcement of the Fundamental Rights if violated.' This is a provision in
A) Right to Equality
B) Right to Constitutional Remedies
C) Right against Exploitation
D) Right to Religious Freedom