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50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Indian Geography and World Geography

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) related to Geography are asked in General Awareness question paper in various competitive examinations conducted by SSC, UPSC, PSC, LIC, GIC, Railways, IBPS, etc. The main objective of these questions is to test the candidate's knowledge in Indian and World Geography. For this purpose we have provided study materials related to Indian Geography and World Geography in the TO THE POINT section. Candidates may visit this link Study Materials for competitive examinations to enhance their knowledge in this area.

Candidates who wants to test their preparation in the topic Indian and World Geography we have provided below 50 Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ) on Geography.

Model Test Paper-2

1 The Bhakra Dam is built across the river?

2 The imaginary line of the Earth's surface that closely follows the 180 degree Meridian is?

3 Lack of atmosphere around the Moon is due to?

4 The soil formed by wind bust in and around hot deserts is called?

5 What is a Cloudburst?

6 Duncan passage is located between?

7 The main area of production of icebergs is found in?

8 The Indian research station Himadri is located at?

9 Wind actions create 'Mushroom rocks' which are usually found in?

10 The most abundant gas in the earth's atmosphere is?

11 Which of these continents has maximum per capita land?

12 Through which mountain range passes the Konkan Railway Track?

13 Lighting and Thundering are the characteristic feature of which layer of atmosphere?

14 Which of these volcanoes is called the 'Light House of the Mediterranean'?

15 Which state is the major producer of mulberry silk in India?

16 The Chilka Lake Region is situated between the deltas of?

17 Guwahati is situated on the bank of the river?

18 The least populated State in India is?

19 Kiel Canal connects?

20 Ozone layer in the outer atmosphere helps in?

21 What is meant by the term 'midnight sun'?

22 The longest dam in India is?

23 The rapid sliding of large masses of bed rocks is called ?

24 'Tidal Forest' are also known as?

25 Which state got its name from five rivers that once flow through it?

26 First vessel acquired by the Department of Ocean Development (DOD) for fisheries and oceanographic research?

27 Nairobi is the capital of?

28 Capital of Belgium is?

29 GARBA is the dance form of which state?

30 Which of the following river does not originate in India?

31 The National Geophysical Research Institute is located at?

32 The Sahara Desert is not a part of which country?

33 Which of the following country has the highest Life Expectancy?

34 Which is the world's smallest country in terms of area?

35 Which country has the highest waterfall?

36 Which is the second most populous country in the world?

37 What is the capital of MALDIVES?

38 The world's first university was established in 700 BC at?

39 During the Chola period, Sri Lanka was known as?

40 Which of the following district are common between Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?

41 The highest peak in South India is?

42 Which of the following is the longest river in India?

43 Which of the following river has the largest Catchment area?

44 The highest waterfall in India is?

45 In which state Kunchikal waterfall located?

46 The largest irrigated area in India is occupied by?

47 Which state is not major producers of Bananas?

48 Which one of the following hydroelectric projects does not belong to Tamil Nadu ?

49 In terms of area, which one of the following Indian states has the largest coverage of forests ?

50 Which of the following industries are the major beneficiaries of the Mumbai port ?