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50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Indian Constitution

Questions related to Indian Constitution are asked in various competitive examinations conducted by SSC, UPSC, PSC, LIC, GIC, Railways, IBPS, etc. The main objective of these questions is to test the candidate's knowledge in Constitution of India and Indian Polity. For this purpose we have provided study materials related to Constitution of India and Indian Polity in the TO THE POINT section. Candidates may visit this link General Knowledge Study Materials to enhance their knowledge in this area.

Candidates who want to test their preparation in the topic Constitution of India and Indian Polity we have provided below 50 Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ) on Indian Constitution.

Model Test Paper-3

1 India became a Sovereign, democratic republic on :

2 India is a democratic republic, because:

3 India opted for a federal form of government because of:

4 Indian Constitution is:

5 In a parliamentary democracy the:

6 In a parliamentary form of government, real powers of the State are vested in the:

7 In Article 394A which language is the authoritative text of the constitution of India?

8 In case President Rule in the state is not approved by the Parliament, for how many months the same promulgation shall last?

9 In India, the concept of single citizenship is adopted from:

10 In India, with several characteristics of a Federal Government, the supremacy lies in?

11 National Emergency has been declared so far:

12 On the basis of financial crisis Emergency has been declared by the President of India:

13 The Indian Constitution has been divided into

14 The Indian Constitution has borrowed the ideas of Preamble from the:

15 In the National Flag, what does saffron colour represent ?

16 In the National Flag, which colour is used in the wheel?

17 In the Union govt. the council of minister is collectively responsible to the?

18 The Chief Election Commissioner of India holds office for a period of?

19 The Chief Minister of a State in India is not eligible to vote in the Presidential election if:

20 The chief source of political power in India is?

21 The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India acts as the Chief Accountant and Auditor for the?

22 "The concept of ""Rule of Law"" is a special feature of constitutional system of"

23 Which one among the following pairs is no correctly matched?

24 "Which one among the following"" is the basis of difference between the Parliamentary and Presidential system of government?"

25 Which one is competent to amend the law relating to Indian citizenship?

26 Which one is not correctly matched?

27 Which one of the Directive of Principles was not included in the Original Constitution, but was added by the 42nd Amendment?

28 The Fundamental Duties were included in the Constitution with the idea of:

29 The Fundamental Right that aims at the abolition of social distinctions is the right?

30 The Fundamental Right to ____ has been deleted by the ___ Amendment Act.

31 The Government of India Act, 1935 vested the residuary power in the:

32 The High Court which has the distinction of having the first woman Chief Justice is ?

33 Plural Theory of Sovereignty emphasises the importance of

34 Preamble means?

35 Proclamation of emergency under Article 352, when Lok Sabha stands dissolved, has to be approved by :

36 Provisions of having a UPSC and Public Service Commision for States are enshrined in:

37 In the Constitution, opportunities for the development of scientific temper, humanism and spirit of inquiry and reform are found in :

38 In the election of the President, each Member of the electoral college has:

39 The President can be removed by the way of impeachment which can be made only:

40 The President may appoint all the following except:

41 The President of India can declare emergency?

42 The President of India is:

43 The Preamble of the Indian Constitution serves the purpose of?

44 In the election of the President, the value of the vote of the Lok Sabha members:

45 In the event of the resignation or death of the Prime Minister:

46 In the Indian Constitution, which type of the Sabha is mentioned under Panchayat Raj?

47 Right to free education within certain limits is?

48 Right to Information is a:

49 Right to property according to Constitution of India is a?

50 Right to speedy trial is