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Solved Question Paper of LIC AAO Exam 2013

General Knowledge

1. Which of the following is referred to as 'Information Highway'?
(a) Radar
(b) Sonar
(c) Internet
(d) None of these
Answer (c)

2. Which of the following devices connects computer with telephone?
(a) Internet
(b) Modem
(c) Intranet
(d) All of the above
Answer (b)

3. The planets revolve round the sun due to
(a) Frictional Force
(b) Centrifpgal Force
(c) Inertial Force
(d) Centripetal Force
Answer (d)

4. Who among the following is considered as Father of Indian Ballistie Missile Programme?
(a) A P J Abdul Kalam
(b) Dr. H J Bhabha
(c) Vikram Sarabhai
(d) Dr. Kasturirangan
Answer (a)

5. What is the source of electrical energy in artificial satellites?
(a) Solar heat
(b) Solar radiation
(c) Solar cell
(d) None of these
Answer (c)

6. The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has its offices in which of the following countries?
(a) Fiji
(b) Mauritius
(c) United Kingdom
(d) All of the above
Answer (d)

7. Who among the following has written the book titled "Dreams From My Father"?
(a) Steve Harvey
(b) YV Reddy
(c) Barack Obama
(d) None of these
Answer (c)

8. Which of the following is not a plan of the LIC?
(a) Jeevan Shree
(b) Jeevan Bodh
(c) Jeevan Saral
(d) Jeevan Anurag
Answer (b)

9. Which of the following is an Ideal LIC Policy for the persons having irregular but good periodical income?
(a) Bima Nivesh 2005
(b) Wealth Plus
(c) Jeevan Tarng
(d) Jeevan Surabhi
Answer (a)

10. Who among the following was the first President of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research?
(a) Lal Bahadur Shastri
(b) Maulana azad
(c) Dr Radha krishnan
(d) Jawahar Lal Nehru
Answer (d)

11. Gyatri mantra is dedicated to
(a) Indra
(b) Mitra
(c) Savitri
(d) Varun I
Answer (c)

12. The capital of Maitrak rulers was
(a) Vallabhi
(b) Besnagar
(c) Ujjain
(d) Gandhar
Answer (a)

13. What is the full from of MICR the technique used for clearance of cheques by banks?
(a) Magnetic Intelligence Character Recognition
(b) Magnetic Infonnatlon Cable Recognition
(c) Magnetic Insurance Cases Recognition
(d) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
Answer (d)

14. If the Panchayat is dissolved, the election must be held within
(a) one month
(b) 4 months
(c) 6 months
(d) one year
Answer (c)

15. Who among the following is the founder member of World Economic Forum?
(a) Klaus Schwab
(b) Robert Joelick
(c) Paul Krugan
(d) Kenneth Gaibraith
Answer (a)

16. The Chief justice of the Supreme Court who gave the concept of 'Public Interest Litigation'
(a) P N Bhagwat
(b) K S Hegde
(c) Prasad Rajendran
(d) A N Ray
Answer (a)

17. The President of India who was associated with the Trade Union Movement
(a) N Sanjeeva Reddy
(b) Zakir Hussain
(c) K R Narayan
(d) V V Giri
Answer (d)

18. The Central Government received maximum revenue during 2008-09 from which of the following taxes?
(a) Income Tax
(b) Corporation tax
(c) Custom Duty
(d) Excise Tax
Answer (b)

19. Who among the following won the men's singles title at the French Open tennis 2009?
(a) Robin Soderling
(b) Andy Murray
(c) Roger Federer
(d) Andy Roddick
Answer (c)

20. The concept of 'carbon credit' was evolved from
(a) Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro
(b) Montreal Protocol
(c) Kyoto Protocol
(d) Shanghai Protocol
Answer (c)

21. Who among the following won the Pantaloon's Femina Miss India World 2009 title?
(a) Pooja Chopra
(b) Ekta Chaudhary
(c) Shriya Kishore
(d) Nupur Sinha
Answer (a)

22. Which of the following has maximum energy?
(a) Blue light
(b) Yellow light
(c) Red Ught
(d) Green light
Answer (a)

23. In which of the following Vedic hymns there is reference of the origin of four Varnas?
(a) Nasadiya
(b) Purush
(c) Almyani
(d) Ushash
Answer (b)

24. Shahjahan annexed _________ to the Mughal Empire
(a) Ahmadnagar
(b) Golcunda
(c) Bijapur
(d) None of the above
Answer (a)

25. Who among the following first deciphered the Brahmi script?
(a) William Jones
(b) James Princep
(c) John Marshal
(d) Macaulay
Answer (b)